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Our Background


Table Rock Lake Composite Squadron NCR-MO 147 is the local unit of the Civil Air Patrol, a national, non-profit organization serving our community, state, and nation through Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs for area youth.

Our Squadron


The Table Rock Lake Squadron consists of both Senior and Cadet Members; meetings are held on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Branson Airport.  Visitors and prospective members are invited to attend to learn more about Civil Air Patrol, its missions, youth programs, and volunteer opportunities.  

Civil Air Patrol welcomes anyone who wishes to serve their community and country through the many vital missions and jobs of the organization.  

Meetings are on Thursdays at 6:30 pm.

CAP History


Civil Air Patrol was created on December 1, 1941, just days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the start of United States involvement in world War II.  

It was the brain-child of New Jersey aviation advocate Gill Robb Wilson who, with the help of New York mayor and Director of the Office of Civilian Defense Fiorello H. LaGuardia and Army Air Corps Major General John F. Curry, brought about the establishment of this organization to use general aviation to supplement America's military operations. 

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Civil Air Patrol Stem Kit Education

In accordance with annual STEM project grant requests from CAP units and educator members, and in collaboration with CAP subject matter experts, the CAP AE program office has identified 15 STEM Kits offered for this program. The 15 kits come at no cost to recipients, are designed to enhance current CAP educational curriculum and programs and will be ready-made for immediate implementation. 

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Civil Air Patrol Activities

On the drill field, cadets learn teamwork, self-discipline, and that doing something well is its own reward. Military drill and ceremonies training is a time-honored tradition in cadet life. But this is not the only activity in CAP, there are many exciting and fun activities for our cadets to participate in.

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Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education

The External AE Program presents aerospace education to the public and particularly to schools. This is accomplished through academic programs within the educational systems and through contacts between CAP members and their communities.

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Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services

There is a significant amount of education and training required for the varied missions Civil Air Patrol supports, and more importantly the personnel needed to accomplish those missions. All personnel supporting missions for Civil Air Patrol start with General Emergency Services training.  This is essentially CAP's license to learn, and also provides core training needed by all members in emergency services. 

Safety is a critical component in all CAP operations, and thus CAP requires Operational Risk Management (ORM) training for all members as well. Ground operations are also a critical function to CAP's mission operations.  Without ground teams, there can be no rescue in SAR.  

The use of qualified CAP cadets is encouraged as much as possible on appropriate missions. Cadets should be trained in the various functions of mission operations and support as permitted. Cadets qualify no differently than adult members in emergency services qualifications, and should be properly utilized.

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Lt. Colonel Chuck Stone

Consider this...

Share your passion for aviation and get exclusive, members-only flying benefits by joining the USAF/AUX/CAP. Pilot members who pass level I and their Form 5 Check receive two (sometimes more Air Force paid proficiency flights each month in our advanced training aircraft. Our Cessna 182T airplane is equipped with a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit. Additionally, qualified mission pilots fly search and rescue missions that are funded by the Air Force. 

We also have at our disposal a Redbird TD2/G1000 flight simulator for training and currency!  And get this, there is never a charge for using a CAP flight instructor for CAP training or check rides! All this while serving your community, state and nation by becoming a volunteer search and rescue pilot. We do 95% of all inland search and rescue missions for the USAF. 

Rusty pilots? We can help you get current and active again. No FAA medical? No problem! You may qualify for the new BasicMed certificate issued by your family physician!  You can Google BasicMed or go to the AOPA website to get more information.  

For more information contact Lt. Colonel Chuck Stone at 417-294-0627, or visit our Facebook page. Search/google “NCR-MO 147 Table Rock Lake Composite Squadron ”, Branson, MO.






Cadet Promotions

Civil Air Patrol Promotions and Awards For October 

By Major Lin Redfield

On October 4, Table Rock Lake Composite Squadron 147, the local Civil Air Patrol squadron was honored to promote 5 cadets and award certificates to 3 others. 

Cadet Bradley Henderson was promoted to Cadet Chief Master Sergeant and received the Robert Goddard Award. Cadet Elijah Stein was promoted to Cadet Airman First Class and received the Hap Arnold Award. Cadet Zander Sprouse was promoted to Cadet Staff Sergeant and received the Wright Brothers Award. Cadets Kaleb Freiburger and George Haltom were promoted to Cadet Senior Airman and received the Mary Feik Award. 

Congratulations to all of the cadets that were promoted.

Pictured are Cadet Henderson, Cadet Haltom, Cadet Freiburger, Cadet Stein and Cadet Sprouse.


Cadet Awards

Cadets Haltom and Freiburger, along with Cadet Airman Lebron Gloor received Rocketry Certificates for the Redstone, Titan and Saturn stages of the rocketry program. The Redstone Stage of the rocketry program reviews the history of rocketry; the Titan Stage details the physical laws that govern objects on earth, in the air and in the space around us; and the Saturn Stage presents information on altitude tracking and physics of impulse and thrust associated with model rocketry.

Congratulations to these cadets receiving Rocketry Certificates. 

Pictured are Cadet Haltom, Cadet Freiburger and Cadet Gloor. 


Senior Awards

Senior Member Zachary Berkland, along with Senior Members Janeyce and Michael Sprouse received certificates for Completion of Level 1. 

Congratulations to these Senior Members for a job well done.

Pictured are SM’s Berkland, Janeyce and Michael Sprouse.

NCR-MO 147 Composite Squadron

Civil Air Patrol Capt Tom Martin Flying Cessna 182 Table Rock Lake Squadron Landing In Lebanon Missouri.



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